How the Ford Ranger has been reborn

In its early days, the Ford Mustang was a car for the masses.

It was the car for young men who wanted to be a car-driving super-hero.

It offered a small, sleek SUV that could also be driven like a truck.

It had a top speed of under 80 mph.

And it was an engine that had no rivals.

The Mustang was the future of American cars.

Then, as now, it was a disaster.

The first-generation Ford Ranger was a big disappointment.

It didn’t make much money and was not nearly as good as the Chevrolet Camaro.

It was a flop.

The Ranger has not been around as long as other Ford Mustangs, but it has been around for much longer.

The Ford Ranger became a symbol of American automotive greatness in the 1950s.

The car was a symbol for Ford, which had long been a manufacturer of small, cheap, and often beautiful cars.

But when Ford went public in 1970, it didn’t have a product that was even close to the Ford of yesteryear.

The company had a lot of new products on the market.

In 1965, it introduced the Ford Explorer.

In 1969, it unveiled the Ford Crown Victoria.

And in 1976, it debuted the Ford Fusion.

But Ford did not have a new vehicle that could match the success of the Ranger.

It was hard to find the right formula for a new car that could be the future.

Ford had to find something to compete with.

The Fusion was the answer.

Ford wanted to reinvent the Ford, the car that had become a symbol and symbol of the American Dream.

The first thing Ford did was buy the rights to the name of the brand.

In the early 1980s, the Fusion had been a big hit.

The vehicle was the product of the Ford Motor Company, which in the early 1960s had made the Mustang and the Falcon.

The Falcon was a sleek, four-door SUV that was cheap, powerful, and quick.

The Focus was a small sedan that was easy to drive, but lacked the acceleration and handling of the Fusion.

The Ranger had a much better package: a bigger, heavier, more powerful, more expensive, more luxurious, and faster-moving engine.

Ford was able to make its Fusion into a car that would be a hit in the marketplace.

And it was able, with the Fusion, to launch the Mustang into a market that had been starved for a car with more power.

Ford wanted to take the Fusion to the next level, the one that would take it from an aspirational car to a car capable of competing with the likes of the Chevrolet Corvette.

For the first time in the history of American sports cars, the Mustang was going to be offered in a three-door sedan.

The concept was simple: the Fusion would be larger, heavier and faster, with an improved suspension and suspension-control package.

The result was a vehicle that was both a sedan and a convertible.

Ford would offer a three door for the first year and a six-door for the second.

But for the third year, the Ranger was available only in a six car package.

With the Fusion still a distant dream, Ford was forced to offer the Fusion in a hatchback and a wagon.

It also introduced the Ranger as a four-wheel drive sports car.

A new generation of American car is coming, Ford said in an ad promoting the Ranger in 1986.

As the years went by, Ford took its Fusion concept to the United States and other parts of the world.

In Japan, the new Ford Ranger had its first showroom in 1988.

The world was starting to see a new Ford.

This was the Ford that was about to be made.

By the late 1980s and early 1990s, Ford had begun to shift its attention away from the Fusion and towards the Fusion-equipped Explorer and Fusion-powered Coupe.

Ford began to develop its own hybrid powertrain.

Ford redesigned the Fusion for the American market, and the Explorer for Europe.

Ford started to offer a new version of the F-150, the American truck, in the mid-1990s.

And in the late 2000s, it began to sell the Ford Focus for its SUV, the Explorer.

The company began to look at the Ranger and the Focus and its other vehicles in a new way.

What’s the future?

Ford has a big vision for the future, one that will be the blueprint for all future car designs.

And the Fusion is one of the most important vehicles in that future.

The new Ford Mustang will be a massive step forward for Ford.

Its styling and performance will be matched only by its design and performance.

The focus on fuel economy will change everything about the way the Ford brand is sold and enjoyed.

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