NFL: The Chargers will be a better football team if they have the best offensive line

The San Diego Chargers will get better.

It will be the best.

The best offensive linemen in football, the best defensive linemen in NFL history, the greatest offensive line in NFL football history, a unit that will allow Philip Rivers to play at a high level and lead the Chargers to their first winning season in eight years.

The Chargers are an incredible group, a collection of players who have worked their way up the ladder, each making it to the NFL.

The offense, in particular, has been a joy to watch this season.

They have a new quarterback in Matt Schaub, a quarterback with a unique skill set and a talent for taking the game to a higher level.

The offensive line is one of the best in the league.

They are the best unit in the NFL and one of only two teams in the entire NFL.

They can move the ball, they can pass the ball.

And they will not allow a single sack.

And yet, the Chargers offense is still a mess.

They lost their best offensive lineman to injury, and their second-best center to a season-ending knee injury.

They did not get their best receiver, Keenan Allen, until the middle of the season.

The defense has been the worst in the game, but their ability to stop the run, in turn, has given the offense a new identity.

Rivers has taken this team to new heights.

He has won the division and reached the playoffs for the first time in eight seasons.

This season, the Bolts are 7-2 and have won three straight.

They just lost their top defensive player, Philip Rivers, to an ACL tear.

He will be back, and he will be great.

But Rivers is the key to their success.

Rivers will be here for the long haul.

This offense is good enough to win a Super Bowl.

The most important players on this roster are all NFL starters.

There is no question about it: This is the most talented team in football.

And it will be fun to watch.

So why are they so bad?

Let’s take a look.


The Pass Defense Philip Rivers has thrown seven interceptions this season, tied for second-most in the history of the NFL (minimum 300 attempts).

He has thrown 17 touchdowns to just six interceptions, and is the worst quarterback in NFL History (minimum 5,000 attempts).

Rivers has yet to throw a touchdown pass against the San Diego secondary, and has allowed five touchdowns to six interceptions.

He is third in the Super Bowl history in interceptions and fourth in passing yards allowed.

This is a very good defense, and the Chargers have improved from last year, when they were in last place in the AFC West.

The first two seasons of the Chargers’ defense were a disaster.

Rivers played better than Rivers played in his first two years.

Now, Rivers has a good foundation to build on.

The secondary is one thing Rivers has had to work on since coming into the league, but he has shown an ability to develop.

In 2013, the secondary allowed the second-fewest yards and third-fewst touchdowns in the franchise’s history.

This year, the defense is much better.

San Diego ranked third in points allowed per game last year (17.9), and ranked fifth in yards allowed per pass (4.6).

And, despite being second in the Chargers defense in yards per pass allowed (4,945), Rivers has been able to score a lot of touchdowns.

Rivers is second in touchdown passes (32), third in touchdown catches (16), and fourth for touchdowns (30).

The Chargers rank first in passing defense DVOA (plus-18.0), which measures the difference between opponent passing and average passing.

This will be Rivers’ best defensive unit in years.

Rivers and the secondary have been solid.

In the Superbowl against the New England Patriots, Rivers and his secondary allowed just six first downs.

This defense is great.

Rivers should be a lot better in 2014, but his best years may be ahead of him.


The Run Defense Philip is a great running back.

In 2014, he finished with 1,027 yards rushing and nine touchdowns.

But that was a year of regression for Rivers.

Last season, he had 567 yards rushing, but a team-leading 9.8 yards per attempt.

Rivers missed the final seven games of the regular season with an ACL injury.

The team will probably have to give him some carries in the playoffs.

The run defense is also good.

This unit has allowed the most yards per game (5.4), and the best rushing yards per rush (4) in the whole NFL.

This secondary will have to be even better.

The second-worst rushing defense in NFL Football History is the Dallas Cowboys, which has allowed just 2,811 yards and 24 touchdowns.

That’s good enough for 13th place in rushing defense DVAP (minus-18), and third in scoring defense DVap (plus/minus 11). And