The Navy is developing a corvette to fight the Chinese threat

The Navy has plans to build a corvettes to fight China’s expanding fleet of superfast attack boats.

The U.S. Navy’s Strategic Capabilities Office is looking into building a corvair, a stealthy, four-deck attack vessel that would be a major step forward in its plans to field corveaters in the future, a senior official told Newsweek.

“We have a very serious threat and the Chinese are going to be fighting with it,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the program.

“The Navy is very serious about building these corveets.

They are not just going to buy more ships and have more vessels and they will continue to be in that line.

We need corvears to provide the deterrent and to be able to do the mission.”

Corvettes, also known as corvette-class submarines, are designed to attack large, fast attack vessels with powerful missiles, which can carry missiles and torpedoes.

They can also carry nuclear weapons or a combination of both.

“China has become very aggressive,” the senior official said.

“They’re not going to stop.”

The Navy’s plan calls for a corvetar-class vessel to be built for a price of about $8 billion to $9 billion, but the official cautioned that the total price tag is likely to rise to as much as $20 billion.

The official spoke on condition that Newsweek not identify the vessel in question.

The Corvettes in question are the Sea Hawk, a long-range attack submarine that the Navy acquired in 2013, and the Corveter, which was unveiled in 2016.

“There’s a lot of work to be done with these [super-fast attack] ships,” the source said.

The Navy also has a prototype corvette that is being developed to provide a more advanced version of the Seahawk.

The Navy has already begun work on a corvalier-class attack boat, and officials said that they have also been working on a smaller corvette called the Corvid.

Both vessels are designed for coastal defense and have a shorter range than the Sea Hawks.

The Corvid would be used for coastal defence.

The Sea Hawk would be designed to carry a single missile, the Navy official said; the Corvid could carry two or more.

The Pentagon has been working with the Chinese to develop its own submarines for years.

The U.N. Security Council in February approved the establishment of a Special Commission to examine China’s new submarine fleet, and Chinese officials have repeatedly said they are working toward a “pivot to the sea.”