Which building should the New York skyline look like?

Building design is a huge problem in New York.

Some cities have built skyscrapers and others have just kept them vacant.

But the skyline of New York City, in particular, has been plagued by an architecture problem.

We wanted to know which buildings in the city have the most to lose and which buildings have a chance of making a comeback.

We called architects and designers to find out.

The result: We narrowed our criteria to the most iconic buildings in New England, which we ranked from best to worst.

For a better sense of how New England’s skyline stacks up, we spoke to the architects and developers who created the designs.

“The problem with the New England skyline is that there’s so much of it,” says Joe Stapleton, who heads the architecture firm Staple & Stapley.

“It’s so fragmented and all these buildings have different styles and they all look different.”

“We’re looking at something that could become the new Manhattan,” Stapton says.

“We don’t want it to be the same old Manhattan.”

“I don’t think New York will ever get back to the ‘old Manhattan,’ ” says David A. Schwartz, an architect and developer.

“New York has gone from being the center of the world, to being the hub of the universe, and now, the world has been moved out of New England.”

“New England is just an island,” says architect Scott Guggenheim, who has designed a number of skyscrapes in the area.

“If you get to the top, it’s New England.

It’s a perfect storm.”

The top 20 buildings with the most unique styles in New Hampshire “It used to be New York was the center for the world,” says Schwartz.

“But now, it feels like it’s being driven out by New England and Boston.”

The most iconic skyscraper New England has to offer: the Chrysler Building, a $100 billion, 100-story skyscraper in downtown Manchester.

Built in 1903, it has become synonymous with New England architecture, with many residents referring to it as “the Chrysler Building.”

The Chrysler Building’s original name was the City Tower, but the tower changed its name in 1891 to the City of Manchester.

The building has since undergone a number toggles, and is now known as the Chrysler Tower II.

A building like this has a lot of value.

“You can’t make it go away,” Schwartz says.

New England is one of the few cities that still uses the word “capitalism.”

The city has seen its stock market soar over the past few years, but there’s also a strong correlation between how much money people make and how big their cities are.

In fact, New Englanders are the most generous in the country.

A survey from the University of New Hampshire found that residents in New Jersey are the biggest recipients of charitable contributions in the U.S., at a rate of more than $1,300 per person.

“I would have to go to China and say that New England really is a model for America,” Schwartz said.

“So, New Hampshire is not only the best place to live in the world but also the best way to build a country.”

The buildings that have the highest chance of being renovated or demolished “We are looking at buildings that are going to be replaced and will be replaced, but are not necessarily going to replace every building,” Schwartz adds.

“For the most part, the buildings that we’re seeing are very unique, and are going through the evolution.”

In the end, we think it’s the architecture, not the buildings, that will take over the world.

“A lot of the buildings are just being knocked down or being torn down,” Schwartz admits.

“People are just trying to make their homes look good, and it’s not necessarily a good way to make your home look good.”

And the city’s skyline isn’t just a symbol of New Englishes pride.

“There are a lot people that live in New Orleans, Louisiana, and New York, New York,” Schwartz explains.

“They are looking for the best city to live and to live a good life, and they’re going to look at New England as a model.”

The bottom 20 buildings that the most influential architects have created in New South Wales “We have this big city in New Zealand, which has really been trying to create something new and innovative, and we’ve got this building that has just been standing there for 100 years, and nobody really knew how to design it,” Schwartz continues.

“And then you’ve got all these other buildings like this in England, and no one knows what to do with them.

I mean, they’re just sitting there, and you just have to do something with them.”

“It is a beautiful city, but it’s going to have to get some love, and there’s nothing that’s going for it,” Stapeleton says.