Construction engineering student’s $3,500-plus engine kit to build a Corvette-based car

A construction engineering student at a Georgia Tech university says he’ll be building a $3.5 million Corvette-like car on his spare time.

Travis Gaskins has been building the Corvette-esque car for about a year, and has a friend who can help him out with the finishing touches.

He plans to sell the car, which will include a custom exhaust system and a custom transmission, on Craigslist.

Gaskins’ engineering degree from Georgia Tech doesn’t guarantee him the $3 million.

But Gaskin is planning on selling the car on Craigslist, which he plans to register for $500,000.

It’ll have a base price of $6,000 and can be sold for $3 or $4 million, depending on how much modifications are needed.