Hellcat: Engineering internships for engineers

HELLATECH, a global leader in advanced electric propulsion systems, is adding a $1.2 million engineering internship program to its internship pipeline, adding a total of 1,300 engineering positions over the next five years.

The program will allow engineers to work with industry leaders in aerospace, defence, engineering, medical, finance, and healthcare.

The internship program will be offered in Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, London, and Paris.

HELLATech said it has more than 500 engineers with expertise in propulsion, electronics, energy, and space technologies working on key projects in aerospace and defence, while engineering internships are also offered in healthcare, finance and defence.

The company said the program will enable engineers to “make significant contributions” to its global research and development efforts, including in areas such as high-speed communications, advanced energy systems, robotics, space technologies, autonomous vehicles, and quantum computing.

“Our engineering internship program brings together engineering talent from around the world, including some who have spent more than a decade in engineering, with engineers with a wide range of engineering and technology experience who can contribute to our company’s vision for a brighter future,” HELLATEC said in a statement.

“We are proud to have this outstanding pipeline of talented engineers in our pipeline and look forward to seeing them in action over the coming years.”

In its announcement, HELLATec said the internships will offer opportunities for people to “develop new skills and expertise through a hands-on experience with our aerospace and defense projects.”

The internship is available to people who have at least one year of experience in aerospace or defence and who have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field.

It’s also available to anyone who is a junior engineer or a mid-career engineer who has completed a two-year internship.