How to get your child a Chevy Impala: The first step

By NBC News – October 24, 2019 08:01:59The first step to getting your child to be a big fan of a car is getting them to drive one.

That’s the premise of the new film “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and the series is set in the fantasy world of the show.

The film, based on the hit children’s cartoon series, tells the story of Twilight Sparkle, a magical unicorn, and her friends Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

The movie stars Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande.

“When I was little, I was obsessed with the cars,” said Adams.

“The cars that I would drive, the toys that I loved, the cars that my sisters and I would play with, the ponies that we had.

It was a great time to be like, ‘I am going to build a car.'”

It took the five-year-old Adams more than a decade to build her own dream car.

Her parents had a hard time finding a used car dealership, so Adams decided to build the car herself.

“We had a lot of friends that had been in the industry, and so it was like, how do we build a new car that’s going to make a lot more money and we can be independent, and I think that was kind of the first thing that was on our minds,” she said.

For a long time, she worked on her own.

She worked on it for five years.

Then she was able to borrow some money from a friend who was willing to help out.

“That was like the moment I felt like, I can do this, I know how to build cars, I’m going to take my own risks,” she explained.

Adams built a car that was nearly 10 years old.

Her goal was to build something a little more affordable.

“It was $7,000 to $10,000,” she recalled.

“It was a lot less than I would’ve gotten in a dealership.”

To get her vehicle to be as accurate as possible, Adams took a few lessons from a lot different sources, including automotive magazines, car show guides, and the online video tutorial that teaches you how to drive a car.

“I was looking at the different cars that were out there,” she told CBS News.

“So I looked at what the manuals had to say, and then I just read those manuals.”

Adams and her parents decided to go with a Honda Accord that was about 4 years old, as it was the cheapest car they could find.

The film focuses on Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

“My mom says, ‘You should take this car.

It’s the first time in your life you’re going to get to do this,’ ” Adams recalled.

So Adams got in her car and took the Honda Accord out on the road.

It took about five hours to drive from her home to the movie set, but the movie crew was happy to have the opportunity to film the trip.

“The car itself was a really cool thing,” she added.

“We were able to drive it on our own.

We were able be ourselves in a car and be in control of the car.

And the way that it looks was actually the most fun.”

Adams had a really great experience working on the film, and she said she will be continuing to build custom vehicles for her family and friends.

“You know, we’re definitely going to keep doing that, and that’s what I’m working on right now,” she joked.

“I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do it, but I think we’ll get there.”