How to fix a ‘ticking time bomb’ at a Toronto public school construction site

TORONTO — The building where a major Toronto public works project is to be built may be falling apart, and no one seems to know why.

The building at the corner of Yonge and Bloor Sts., built for a major subway extension, will eventually be replaced by a new, smaller, $5.4-billion facility that will be mostly residential and commercial.

The city and its local partners are working with the provincial and federal governments to fix the building, but the project remains on hold and could not be completed as planned this fall.

The public works department says it’s still working to resolve the problems that caused the collapse of the building and that it’s “working with our partners and the public on a new solution.”

In an email to CBC News, spokesman Mark Dettmer said the building was undergoing a new construction process when it collapsed in late June.

“This process is taking place as we continue to assess the building’s condition, the health of the structure, and any related infrastructure and structural issues,” he wrote.

The department also says it was still investigating why the structure fell and whether any workers were injured.

The government says it believes the new building will be ready for public use in 2018, but it was unable to confirm when that could be.

The Department of Finance said in a statement it will provide a response to questions about the situation in a “short amount of time.”

The agency says it is continuing to investigate the cause of the collapse.