Which NHL players are the most dangerous in their own zone?

When the Edmonton Oilers and Buffalo Sabres play tonight, the Predators will try to keep a lead in the best-of-seven series in St. Louis.

They have a two-game lead in their division and a playoff berth on the line.

If they lose tonight, they will have to win out and stay within two points of the divisional lead.

If Edmonton wins, the Sabres would be in danger of losing their divisional series and their playoff spot.

The Predators have two games left in the regular season and four remaining.

That’s a lot of hockey.

The Oilers are coming off a three-game losing streak and their three-year playoff drought is at seven games.

They’ve been outscored by an average of 5.9 goals per game and have lost by an even more embarrassing 14 goals.

Buffalo’s goal differential is currently minus-4.5 and its goals against average is minus-7.7.

It has lost two of its last three games and its playoff chances are at rock bottom.

The Sabres are a team that is going to need to win at least two of their remaining games to make the playoffs, which would be a major step down for a team in a weak division.

Here’s what we know about the Predators and Sabres playoff chances.

The Preds are a dangerous team They are a tough team to stop and they are one of the toughest teams in the league.

They scored 24 goals against the Predators in the past three games, including five on Nashville’s penalty kill.

Buffalo has had trouble with scoring in the last couple of years, and it’s likely they will again tonight.

But they are a good team that has found a way to beat Nashville.

They played a good hockey game against the Oilers last year and had a lot to play for on Sunday night.

The Stars, Penguins and Islanders have also struggled.

If the Sabres get to the shootout tonight, their chances of making the playoffs could get better.

If Nashville loses tonight, its still a tough game to win, but if they win, their playoff chances get better too.

What can the Predators do to improve?

Here are five things they can do to win tonight: Keep the puck out of the net This will be a tough call on whether to take the puck back out and take it to the net.

The puck is so hard to score on in the shootout.

The first shot is usually the most likely one to go in and if the Predators are able to control the puck with their speed and skill, they can score a ton of goals.

But if the puck is in the net, it could open up a lot more scoring chances for the Predators.

If a player is able to put the puck into the net and it goes in, it will likely be a goal.

It will also create more scoring opportunities for the team.

If you want to get out of your own zone and get the puck, try to make your way to the right side of the ice.

That should lead to a shot that goes in or the goalie might have to get back to the left side of his net to prevent it from going in.

Take a shot early If the team has a chance to score, they should take a shot right away and the chances of scoring will increase.

If someone is able, they might be able to get the net open and score a goal before they realize how much they have to work with.

They might not have the time or space to do that.

Try to keep the puck low and keep it out of harm’s way.

You can get out in front of the puck and keep the goalie from getting the puck there as well.

The team that can control the stick of the goalie will have a better chance of scoring.

Take the puck off the stick if it’s open.

It can be tempting to shoot, but it can also be dangerous if you take it out too early.

You could also try to get your head down and wait for the goalie to take a dump pass, but there are also times when you need to take off the puck in order to get a good shot off.

There are some great chances that go in at the right time.

If there is one that goes off, it can make it even more difficult to score.

Make sure you have the puck If you are trying to get to your own net, make sure you are moving the puck quickly enough that you can get a shot off before you hit the goalie.

You don’t want to go down a shot-clock trap.

If I can’t score, I’ll probably score the goal.

If it is going in the wrong direction, I’m going to try to catch it or make a play to get it back in the right direction.

It’s good to have a plan for when you take the shot, but not so good to be so reckless.

Make a play when you can When you are getting to your offensive zone, try and make a quick play when the time is right. If that