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The Indian government has banned Google from operating its search engine in the country due to allegations that it is hindering the government’s efforts to fight the spread of polio.

Google said in a statement that it “supports India’s search engine neutrality, and we believe it is a good idea to move ahead with our partnership in India.

We have not seen any such demand.”

The move was a response to a petition filed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) against Google India, arguing that the company’s search engines are hindering efforts to combat polio.

The court’s decision, which is expected to be announced soon, was the latest in a series of moves taken by the government to clamp down on the online giant.

Last month, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned Google India from its services in the national capital, Delhi, as part of a sweeping crackdown on the social networking giant.

The government has also shut down Google’s Delhi offices in the last year, accusing the company of stifling free speech.

In April, Modi said Google had “taken advantage of our political crisis” to “further its anti-India agenda.”

The ban came after an outcry by rights groups who alleged that Google was undermining India’s efforts against polio by filtering online content.