When the next big car comes out, it will be the Tesla X

The American car industry has been waiting for the next Tesla model for quite some time.

The electric car maker has had a lot of ups and downs, including the Model 3, a car that is widely viewed as a flop.

It also lost the Prius V and the Nissan Leaf.

Tesla is going to make its way back into the auto industry, but it will probably have a much different car.

That’s according to a report from The American Conservatives. 

Tesla is expected to announce a new version of the Model X sedan next week.

The carmaker plans to unveil the new model at the Detroit auto show in late September.

The company has already unveiled several new cars, including a new SUV, a small crossover, a crossover SUV and a sport utility vehicle.

The company also unveiled a new electric sedan called the Model S, which was built on top of the Tesla Model X.

The American Conservative’s report claims that Tesla will announce the new Model X next week, which will be powered by a new engine and will feature an all-electric range of up to 200 miles. 

The new Model Y SUV will also debut next week at the show, which is expected a bit later than the Model 4.

The SUV is expected for a price between $60,000 and $70,000.

The report said that Tesla is planning to introduce the new X at the Frankfurt auto show, and that it is also expected to unveil a new X sports sedan at the Shanghai auto show later this year.

The report also said that the new vehicle will be able to reach speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, which Tesla says will be a significant upgrade from the Model 2.