When you’re looking for a new job, ask the right questions

The American Civil Liberties Union is asking people who answered questions about their employment status during the 2016 election to stop calling the election “rigged” and to provide more detail about their eligibility.

The ACLU asked all the candidates and their supporters to provide detailed information about their voting record.

A total of more than 8,000 people answered the questions, and the answers were released today.

The questions included whether candidates had voted in a federal election since 1988, whether they had served in Congress since 1993, and whether they supported a single candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

Those who answered no to any of those questions will not be included in the poll.

The poll also asked the question of whether candidates have supported any specific candidates in recent elections.

More than 4,000 answered that question.

Only two candidates, President Donald Trump and former Sen. Marco Rubio, received votes in the last two presidential elections.

A total of 1,838 people were asked to respond.

Most of the responses were from registered voters, and a few people didn’t answer.

The pollster did not get any of the information.

“The poll results suggest that many voters who support President Trump and are not registered to vote are simply unwilling to answer the question on whether or not they are voting in an upcoming election,” said ACLU attorney David Cole.

“As the Supreme Court continues to consider whether states can require people to disclose their voting records in their state’s election laws, the ACLU will continue to push the federal government to make it easier for voters to vote and for states to comply with the federal requirement.”

The ACLU is not asking people to sign an affidavit swearing allegiance to any particular candidate, or to pledge allegiance to a specific party.

The organization is instead asking people if they think it is important to have an open and honest debate about what kind of society we want to live in.