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How to use a browser extension to check a website

What is a browser plug-in?What does it do?What is a plug-ins check engine?In the past, there have been numerous plug-ons that were developed to check websites for malware, but many of these plug-on extensions have come with a huge number of limitations.One such plug-off was CheckYourBrowser.com.Its creator, David Coyle, was initially a software engineer and […]

How to make your project work: This year’s top engineering schools

With the US economy struggling, many employers have been looking for ways to recruit more engineers, and this year there are plenty of options out there.This year, some of the best schools in the US are looking to fill positions in their engineering department.Read full storyGoogle’s engineering department is one of the biggest in the […]

When Tech Companies Start to Make More Money

As the tech industry becomes increasingly profitable, there’s a growing sense of frustration with how much the tech sector is making.While the majority of tech firms make money by selling software, there are a number of companies that are making more money by investing in their employees and developing products that are specifically designed to […]