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How to get your science degree in 2019

The next crop of engineering students is getting ready to graduate.Aspiring scientists in the U.S. and abroad are turning to the science of the 21st century to advance their careers.And it’s a lucrative industry.With more than 5 million students enrolled, engineering is the largest and fastest-growing science program in the nation.Here are the top colleges […]

How to choose a top engineering college

Tech-savvy young people are finding more and more ways to access higher education, including via social media.Now, an online search tool can be a better fit.Read more”We’re seeing a real uptick in applications coming in from students who have already had some college,” said Kunal Prakash, director of recruitment at online learning platform EHampshire College, […]

Why Chevy Cargos are so great for school of engineering

Cargoes are so popular for engineering schools.In fact, Chevy has built two Cargolyzer buses that are designed to run on gas engines and then convert them into passenger vans.“I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen the same people, the same students, at the same school, on two different buses,” said Michael McAlpine, Chey’s […]