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Jacks small engine blueprint engines found, used to make jets

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— The federal government says it has found dozens of small engines that could be used to build jets from scratch.The National Science Foundation’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says it was able to identify and sample engines for the project from a variety of sources.The JPL is one of two government agencies that are part […]

Blueprint engines are the new engine for the civil engineering workforce

The civil engineering profession has been looking for new engines for decades.It’s one of the few fields in the U.S. where the technology has yet to catch on.Yet there are some promising new engines out there.Here’s what you need to know about them.What are the blueprints?Blueprints are small boxes, like the one pictured here, that […]

What Google’s new search engine does that Google hasn’t before

The new Google search engine isn’t as powerful as Google’s own search engine, but it’s still a big deal for Google.The company announced today that it’s developing a new search service that will offer search engine capabilities to “people in every corner of the globe.”Google has been working on this new search capability for years, […]