Ferdows Sazeh

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How to build your own supercomputer, using a Raspberry Pi 3 with the help of a software development kit

A supercomputer has been developed by an engineering school in Brazil, and is the brainchild of an engineering student who wanted to build a machine that would be “completely modular.”The device was built using a custom-built Raspberry Pi computer that was built to fit inside the Raspberry Pi chassis.The device, known as the Aorus Engine, […]

The most common job in the new GE engine, computer engineering jobs

Engineering jobs have been in decline for the last several years as companies like General Electric (GE) and Boeing (BA) struggle to compete in a rapidly changing field.GE’s job numbers are below the historical norm for a manufacturing company, but they still represent a drop from 2007, when the company had over 4,000 engineers.GE has […]