Ferdows Sazeh

Technical and Engineering Group

When the ‘Ls’ in data engineering and ‘s’ for data are mixed, the results can be devastating

Data engineering has long been seen as the domain of the well-connected, the one who knows the right answers and the right algorithms.The technology is a huge business.According to McKinsey & Co, data engineering is now a $5.3 trillion industry, accounting for more than one in five global jobs.Data scientists are at the top of […]

What is an ‘engine knocking’ job?

A new report says that the majority of engineering jobs will disappear by 2025.The report, titled “Engine Knockout” and published by the Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISCM), comes after several other reports, one of which suggested that the U.S. workforce will shrink by almost 5 million people by 2030.“Engine knockouts” are often referred to […]

Data engineers are getting more creative, and they’re creating their own apps to automate complex workflows and automate tasks.

This week Recode invited data engineers to share their experiences with us about the rise of data engineers.As we hear stories from data engineers, we’ll explore the challenges, benefits and opportunities of data engineering.Read the full transcript of Recode’s Data Engineers: The Stories segment here.Read more about data engineers: