Ferdows Sazeh

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When Tech Companies Start to Make More Money

As the tech industry becomes increasingly profitable, there’s a growing sense of frustration with how much the tech sector is making.While the majority of tech firms make money by selling software, there are a number of companies that are making more money by investing in their employees and developing products that are specifically designed to […]

How to work in DevOps

DevOps engineers are often asked about the highest paying jobs in IT, and the answer can be a bit different depending on the organization.While some companies will pay for it out of their own budgets, others are paying to hire people from within the organization, who are often underpaid.This article outlines the top five DevOps […]

Why we can’t trust Facebook’s self-driving car, the future of work

We have a lot of concerns about Facebook’s upcoming autonomous car, but at least one of those concerns is a bit less dire than many might think.The company’s self, or self-aware vehicle, was revealed in a new report that is the culmination of a long-running project called Project Loon.The report details the efforts of Facebook […]