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How to Make $1,000 an Hour as an Engineer

You’re the best person to ask about your engineering career.You’ve earned that coveted engineering job and it pays so much more than a traditional engineering job.And now, you’ve decided to pursue it full time.But it’s a risky move.And that’s why you need to know more about your options.You’ll also want to know how to make […]

How to fix air pollution problems on your home site

An article from The Globe and Mail’s technology column describes how to fix some of the most common air pollution issues on your property.The article talks about what the air quality on your site can look like, and how you can manage it to avoid having to invest in expensive air filters.You can also read […]

The next tech revolution: An engineer’s guide

A post shared by Chris Wilson (@chris_wilson) on Mar 8, 2019 at 1:27am PDT Chris Wilson, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Texas, Austin, recently published an article on Medium detailing the technical skills he hopes to hone in his career.His aim is to be able to make mechanical engineering and electronics engineering […]

Which engineering consultant will be the next to walk away from their jobs?

Chemical engineer salaries for 2016 are expected to be £1.3m lower than last year.  It’s not just the engineering consulting sector which is struggling. The financial services industry is suffering, with average annual earnings of £1m less than in 2016. It means that there are some jobs that are now worth less than they were in 2015. We asked […]