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Hellcat’s engines have more features than the real thing

A new Hellcat engine is more powerful than the latest versions, and is “the most advanced in the world,” according to the company.The company announced on Wednesday that the Hellcat engines have “more features” than the previous versions.The Hellcat V6 is the most powerful engine in the company’s fleet.The engine’s power, torque, and RPMs are […]

Hellcat’s ‘engine coolants’ won’t melt steel

FOX News — Hellcat engine coolant won’t cause the melt of steel, according to the company’s engineers.Hellcat announced Wednesday that it would begin producing its engines in 2018.The company has not said when production will begin or how much the product will cost.Engineers will work on the product until it reaches a point where it […]

Hellcat: Engineering internships for engineers

HELLATECH, a global leader in advanced electric propulsion systems, is adding a $1.2 million engineering internship program to its internship pipeline, adding a total of 1,300 engineering positions over the next five years.The program will allow engineers to work with industry leaders in aerospace, defence, engineering, medical, finance, and healthcare.The internship program will be offered […]