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L.A. County assesses $4.5 million in damages from former Boca Raton engine manufacturer

L.S. County and Boca, Florida-based Cummins Corp. have agreed to pay $4 million to resolve civil claims and a federal investigation, county officials said Tuesday.L.A.’s attorney general said the settlement comes after a long investigation that included reviewing documents and interviewing thousands of people.The agreement was reached on Monday, County Commissioner Mary Ellen Yee said.Cummins […]

How to design, build and assemble a space engine

The most advanced spacecraft engines are still designed for a single-purpose mission, with no need for multiple engines for long-duration missions.The LSL-1 was designed as a space exploration vehicle to send humans to the moon and back, and it has four stages to carry four astronauts.In the first stage, the engine is mounted to the […]

How to install the LSA Sound Engine in your Linux Distribution

You can install the Sound Engine on any Linux distribution that supports it, but it’s most often found in the form of a package called lsx engine.If you’re installing this package, make sure that the installation directory for lsx is /usr/share/lsx/sound/lsa, not /usr.You may also want to install lsx-2.0.6, which is an older version of […]