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Civil Engineer salaries from reddit

An engineer with experience in the fields of electrical, computer, and/or mechanical engineering can expect to earn $72,000 to $84,000 per year.As with any position, the more you work, the better your salary can be.A job that requires technical knowledge, such as an electrician or electrician’s helper, or mechanical knowledge, could make the difference between […]

Why we can’t trust Facebook’s self-driving car, the future of work

We have a lot of concerns about Facebook’s upcoming autonomous car, but at least one of those concerns is a bit less dire than many might think.The company’s self, or self-aware vehicle, was revealed in a new report that is the culmination of a long-running project called Project Loon.The report details the efforts of Facebook […]

How to spot an AI Spy from Google’s social engineering research

Google has released its first report on how it will use artificial intelligence to detect human social engineering attacks.The research was done by researchers from Google India, the company’s Indian operations and several Indian government departments, including the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).The team said they will use a “deep learning” approach to understand the […]